The Beginning of a New Chapter & Tips to Stay Motivated Working from Home


Blog Post- Starting School


This week marks my official first week as a grad student! Just in case you didn’t read the “about me” section of my blog, I have recently made a huge career change. I decided to leave my job in the fashion industry to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition through Maryland University of Integrative Health. 

I am extremely excited (and nervous) about this new journey, and I cannot wait to share my learnings with all of you. Because I am doing this program online, I thought I would share my 5 pointers with you on how to successfully work (or study) from home:

  1. Create an area that motivates and inspires you. I am surrounded by pictures in my work space as well as a white board to organize my week, fun folders to file my papers and plenty of notebooks to stay on top of assignments.
  2. Turn off social distractions. Close out of facebook and instagram, put your phone on silent and try to focus on nothing but your work.
  3. Take breaks. It is impossible to sit at your computer for 8 hours straight- so schedule yourself breaks every hour or two so you can turn your mind off and come back to the task feeling refreshed.
  4. Create a weekly schedule at the beginning of each week. It’s helpful to plan out what you need to do for a given week so you can maximize your time each day. This also helps with knowing when you are “done” for the day and have completed everything you need to do.
  5. Keep a good routine. Try to have a similar schedule every day. Maybe you workout first thing in the morning then you do a few hours of work, then take a lunch break. Having a good routine will help you to feel in control.

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