How to Stay Fit When Traveling & a Recipe for Mint Cucumber Lime Water



I used to not look forward to traveling because I knew that it meant I would totally fall off the wellness wagon. I wouldn’t be able to cook my own meals, I wouldn’t be able to do my normal workouts, and mostly I wouldn’t be able to follow my usual routine. 

While it is difficult to completely follow your normal routine, it is possible to stay fit even when you are away from home. The below 8 tips are my personal suggestions for how to stay fit while you’re away. I truly believe that if you try your best to follow these guidelines you should be in a great place when you return from your trip.

  1. Research restaurants: Plan your meals as best you can when you’re away. Most restaurants have websites that include the menus so you can pick out exactly what to eat at each restaurant you go to on your trip. This makes going out much more enjoyable and much less stressful.
  2.  Pack snacks: I have found that the times when I really slip up on travel is when I get hungry and have to go searching for snacks. Most likely your hotel isn’t going to have healthy choices so make sure you plan ahead and pack some healthy snacks in your suitcase. My go-to snacks are mixed nuts and protein bars.
  3. Workout: Don’t make excuses for not exercising on your trip! Even if there isn’t a gym where you’re staying you can still get a great workout in your hotel room. Make sure to travel with your laptop or ipad so you can do a quick workout video at any point in your room. Even if you’re extremely busy and only have 20 minutes that is still enough time to get in a great efficient workout. (Sometimes this means waking up 20 minutes earlier!)
  4. Walk and explore: Sometimes walking around is the best workout. Make it a goal to go out and explore the city you are traveling in. Go walk to get breakfast or walk to get a cup of coffee. Make conscious efforts to walk whenever possible so you are getting your steps in without even thinking about it!
  5. Get plenty of sleep: When you’re tired you are more likely to eat unhealthy food and avoid working out. I know it’s easier said than done to get plenty of sleep on travel but do your best to get enough sleep so you aren’t feeling exhausted and unmotivated during the day.
  6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: It is important to hydrate all of the time, but it is especially important when you are traveling. The picture in this blog features a mint cucumber lime water that I recreated after trying it this weekend at the hotel we were staying in. I created my own version because I loved it so much- it was so refreshing and completely satisfying.  The hotel had a big dispenser of this water, and Dan and I made sure to get glasses every time we were in the lobby. If your hotel doesn’t have water, make sure to stock up on water bottles and pack them with you so you can drink consistently throughout the day.
  7. Don’t be afraid to enjoy eating: If you don’t let yourself enjoy a delicious meal when you are away you are going to feel frustrated and deprived and wind up binging later and overindulging. Don’t be afraid to go out to eat and sample the local fare- I mean that is the best part of traveling! I would just encourage you to eat small portions and to not overdo it.
  8. Eat fruits and vegetables whenever possible: I find that one of the most difficult parts about traveling is finding enough fruits and vegetables to eat. On a typical day at home I eat fruits & veggies at every meal and for almost every snack. Sometimes it’s challenging to find fruits & veggies while away so make every effort you can to eat them when you have access to them.

How to Stay Fit When Traveling & a Recipe for Mint Cucumber Lime Water
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  • 1 pitcher purified water
  • 1/2 lime- sliced
  • 1/2 cucumber- sliced
  • 1/2 cup mint leaves


  1. Add all ingredients to a pitcher and set in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.

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